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I am wearing the most amazing Vintage Bill Blass Camel Coat that I found very randomly at a sidewalk sale in Brooklyn. It has truly been an essential part of my winter wardrobe. The best part of this coat/cape/poncho is that it can turn the most horrific outfit into something  ultra chic and stylish.  I paired the coat with a neon green top with a low cut back. In my opinion there is nothing sexier than a woman with her back exposed. Its a very subtle way to be sexy without much effort.  
I finished my look up with my favorite wide leg hunter green pants that I'm obsessed with.  In which, I'm obsessed with them because my ass looks great in them. For the record, that's pretty much how I shop for all my jeans. 
 I wouldn't care if Karl Largerfeld himself hand stitched me a pair of jeans made of cotton and VVS diamonds. If  my ass doesn't look spectacular.......I just absolutely will refuse to wear them.
If you know my love for Karl and Chanel then you know that would be a painful dilemma. Its my belief that he would never do something as despicable as make my buttocks look  unflattering,
But I digress, this look makes me feel so vibrant, regal and bold! 
Dripping in green from heard to toe is only for the woman not afraid to make a statement.
In short be Fearless and wear Green!


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