Nothing Sexier than a woman in a suit


 It's my belief that there is nothing sexier than a woman in a suit. 
I wish women would begin to trade in the bandage dress for a tailored to perfection suit. It's so easy to feel confident half naked because its an easy way to get cheap attention. But it takes a true boss babe to step out confidently in a two piece suit. To add a pinch of sexiness wear the blazer or vest without a blouse underneath. You can either go commando (no bra) or add a beautiful lace bra to turn the chic-ness up a notch. 
Another tip to being sexy in a suit is adding a belt so that you can have the illusion of a snatched waisted and accentuating your curves. I truly believe suits are the new black. And that you should trade in your freakum dresses for a bossy suit! 

(Photos courtsey of Catherine Baggett)

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