All that glitters


(Photos courtsey of Catherine Baggett)

Vintage Jumpsuit: Catholic Charity Guild
ShoesJean-Michel Cazabat 
Belt: Thrift store 
Eyewear: Aldo 

This outfit is complied with all of my favorite pieces. And each item I randomly stumbled across which makes it extra special. The vintage sequin jumpsuit just screams lets disco. I imagine the original owner (and ones to follow) killed the scene when she stepped out in this shimmering jumpsuit. She was definitely out to make a major statement. 
The elephant belt I found at a local thrift store for about 3 bucks like 4 years ago and it's that one tiny accessorie that breathes life into any outfit. Because Im a weirdo I have it as my weird reminder that a Safari in Cape Town is on my bucket list. The shoes are from designer whom I know very little about. I ran across these lovelies at my fav Off 5th. What attracted me to the show was the craftsmanship and the almost 6" heel. 
I love the idea of mixing all of my favorite pieces in my closet to build an outfit. 

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