AWM (angry white man)



You would think the Republican Party would be excited and filled with joy and happiness due to the recent presidential election. However, since crowning Donald Trump as president of the United States there's been an uprising in the "Angry White Man". We've seen countless viral videos of these "White Men Gone Wild".


Using profanity, racial slurs, and acting in a behavior that can be easily perceived as threatening. Watching and knowing damn well if his skin was a few shades darker it would have been a totally different and possible fatal outcome.


Delta Airline’s “Hillary Bitches”

The most recent event of an AWM (Angry White Man) acting an ass was on a Delta Airlines flight. A gentleman in which I choose to call “Billy Bob”, was emboldened to stand up and yell to all the "Hillary Bitches" on the flight. The most shocking part to me wasn't Billy Bob’s blatant ignorance; It was the fact that no one on the aircraft or anyone in a leadership position removed this barbaric thug from the plane.


I couldn't imagine how unsafe I would feel being stuck on an airplane after someone was acting so unstable, unruly, and diabolic. The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best - "There comes a time when silence is a betrayal."


This is very disappointing to me because I just purchased a non-refundable ticket from Delta Airlines at the price of a lifetime and I don't like patronizing businesses that support bigotry. 


However, in this instance I will not point the finger at Delta Airlines and, in good faith, I'm expecting them to release a statement not condoning this type of behavior. I will not point my finger at the staff whom may not have understood the magnitude of their lack of actions taken against the AWM.


My Experience with the AWM

The AWM has always been prevalent in our society. I encountered one of their kind when I was 16 years old in my suburban neighborhood while walking my Chihuahua (could the scenario be any more innocent?). An AWM in a beat up red pickup truck that had a confederate flag in the back window (could it not be any more cliché?) was driving past me when he noticed me and decided to throw his car into reverse and roll his window down and proceeded to call me the following:



Nigger Bitch

Nigger Whore

Nigger Slut



He then dared me to say something and if I did he would go get his gun. I remember standing there frozen and shocked because television never warned me about this kind of gangster or thug. It never told me what to do if ever I encountered someone filled with such hatred simply because of the color of my beautiful ass chocolate-y skin....on second thought I can understand why that is enviable.


I tell this story to say the "AWM" is not new in our world but what's new to their world is the sharp ass iPhone and Android camera and social media. So, not only keep recording these vigilantes but, also report them! Call them out! Those who sit by in silence are inviting the crime to be normalized.


Oh! And a quick message to the AWM/W, don't let your new president get your ass beat!


Update: Since writing this article, a Delta Airline’s rep did release the following statement regarding the AWM incident: "We are sorry to our customers who experienced this disruption. We've followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer shouldn't have been allowed to continue on the flight."

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  1. So glad you decided to speak up about this! It's ridiculous we even have to have this conversation but all of these AWM (and women) need to know that there are consequences for their actions, not just internet fame. Great job boo!


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