Styling “Tasha” of HBO’s ‘Insecure’ & Life Lessons About Following Your Dreams


I was at home, minding my business, when I checked my DM’s and Dominique Perry, who plays "Tasha" on HBO's Insecure reached out to me. She explained that HBO gave her a wardrobe budget and she wanted to essentially hire me as her stylist for the screening premiere of ‘Insecure’.

To say that I was excited, would be an understatement. I've styled many people before in the past for birthdays, engagement shoots and events; but never something of this magnitude, involving red carpets, press and my all-time favorite show and cast. To have the most tiny, minute affiliation with this show gave me more excitement and joy that one should probably experience.

The catch is that I only had about 72 hours to pull this all off. Also, within that 72 hours I made the decision to fly to Los Angeles in order to ensure that everything flowed smoothly and looked amazing. I felt like everyone else's stylist was going to be there, so Dominique's stylist should be there as well. (Keep in mind, I earn a meager living and an impromptu trip to Los Angeles is not in my budget.)

All I had was a strong willingness and gentle nudges from my intuition to go to Los Angeles.  In spite of my bank account telling me to, “Stay home. You ain't got it sis,” my inner voice continued to push me towards Sunny California. And I learned many years ago that when “the Voice” talks to you from within, you listen.
And let me just say - it took a village, many meltdowns and a few loans from my parents to get me there.

I booked a flight on Spirit and a room on Airbnb in West Hollywood, and after many break downs and reassuring phone calls from my best friend, I finally headed to LA.

What I Learned From the Screening Premiere of HBO’s ‘Insecure’

I say allllllllllll of this to say the experience of being surrounded by black excellence and opulence was amazing. Meeting people like, Issa Rae, Melina Matsoukas, Amanda Seal, and Raphael Saadiq, was an opportunity that I will never forget since these are people who I’ve admired and revered long before the show’s existence. And the best part was that there were no egos, only authenticity.

It's a sight that has forever changed my soul and it taught me the most valuable lesson of all - When you follow your most authentic dreams (the one the inner voice co-signs on) vigorously, your dream will make room for other people to live out their dreams and the gift keeps giving.

Example: If Issa Rae had not followed her passion beyond the point where I'm sure she felt like throwing in the towel, she would have never created ‘Awkward Black Girl’ on YouTube, which led to her book which eventually turned into a show. Because of her persistence, her show is now able to open doors and employ dozens of people who are also chasing their dreams with the same passion.

Her platform allows people to live out their dream - i.e Dominique Perry (aka Tasha), who moved to Los Angeles to push herself beyond limits. Now, because Dominique never gave up, she landed the role of Tasha and in turn lead her to call me to provide a service that is aligned with my goals and dreams. This opportunity lead to me to go to Los Angeles and be forever changed and refueled to go after my dreams with a vengeance.

Our dreams and our purpose are so much bigger than us. That's why it's important to NEVER give up no matter what the circumstances are, knowing that it will allow you to be a vessel for others and assist them to live out their life's purpose.

As well as you living your best life.

So, while I'm still in the infant stage of seeing my purpose come to light, it's the small victories like these that I celebrate and appreciate the most. And moments like these are reminders to go harder and push through circumstances to achieve my dream.

Chloe Moore
Contributing Editor

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